At RSV Outsourcing we continue working for you, and taking care of ours.

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We are in a historic moment for humanity, where mutual support is required, which is why, from RSV Outsourcing we want to transmit tranquility and security to each of our clients, collaborators and external parties, that we are taking the necessary measures to guarantee the continuity of the operation, always safeguarding the safety of our personnel.


In response to the exceptional measures adopted by the Governments in the different cities and countries where RSV has offices, we want to assure you that we have a remote working system that guarantees the continuity of our clients' projects and our operation as a company. And at the same time it guarantees the safety and health of our work team.


We know that we are facing an uncertain scenario, however, we want to reiterate our support and contribution so that your business continues to prosper.

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We all came out of this together.

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Your RSV Outsourcing team